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What is included in the BUY A USED CAR FOR EXPORT PACKAGE?

The service fee is: $499.00 and includes the following:

  • Professional Advisor – A professional advisor of Auto Export Service will be your personal contact during the whole process.
  • Sourcing & Locating – You and your advisor will first discuss and then source and locate the perfect vehicle for you.
  • Purchase – We will purchase the vehicle on your behalf, sign all documents and handle the full purchase process.
  • Trucking to the port – We will have a licensed and insured trucking company pick up the vehicle from the seller and deliver it to either the port if Ro/Ro shipment or to one of our loading facilities if your car is being shipped inside a container
  • Collect and prepare Paperwork – We will collect the documents from the seller and prepare all documents and paperwork to clear US customs in order to be able to export this vehicle.
  • Customs clearance – We will have our agents clear US Customs in compliance with US export laws.
  • Loading – We will organize that your vehicle will be loaded into a container or loaded on a ship if you prefer a Ro/Ro shipment.
  • Shipping – We make sure that your vehicle leaves the US Port for the final destination you provide to us.
  • Sending you original documents – Once we receive back all documents from US customs and the shipping line (Bill of Lading, original Title, etc.) we will then send you these original documents via Courier Service

The actual trucking cost is not included in the $499.00 fee. You will be billed separately for this. Trucking rates depend on the distance.

The actual shipping cost is not included in the $499.00 fee. You will be billed separately for this. Shipping rates depend on how you ship your vehicle (Ro/Ro or Container), size of your vehicle and the final shipping destination.

The courier service (DHL, Fedex, UPS) cost of your documents is not included in the $499.00 fee. You will be billed separately for this. For international shipments we will bill you accordingly depending on the location of your shipment. For domestic courier service within the US we will charge $25.00.

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