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About Us

Auto Export Service, LLC was established to help and support international buyers with their purchase, transport and export process of automobiles from the United States to worldwide destinations. Our experience of over 15 years gives foreign buyers the comfort of purchasing an automobile in the United States for export. Our network of dealers, transporters, US custom clearance agents and shipping companies give us the opportunity to make the experience of purchasing an automobile in the United States for the customer overseas a comfortable experience.

More and more countries worldwide start to regulate the importation and exportation of automobiles. We are well aware of the import regulations of most countries and our experience allows us to inform you about it and give you the guidance needed to import your vehicle. In some countries we even have partner companies that we work with who take care of the importation process for you.

By reading our website, you will see that we offer two different packages. Our Transport & Ship Package and our most popular Full Service Package. The only difference between both packages is that in our Full Service Package we will be purchasing the vehicle on your behalf. This includes negotiating with the US dealership, signing all documents and paying the vehicle on your behalf. During the whole purchasing process the safety of the transaction is our main focus. We like to see ourselves as the bridge between the selling US dealership and a shipping company. Auto Export Service gives you the FULL SERVICE that covers all the bases. We will handle everything for you from buying the automobile on your behalf (Full Service Package) until shipping the vehicle and beyond.

Additional services we offer are:

  • CNCA / CTN filings for clients in Angola / Congo
  • BIVAC inspections for clients in countries where needed
  • Recommendations for TUV inspections in Germany / Europe
  • Additional transportation arrangements throughout Europe
  • We constantly try to improve our service to our clients by contacting each client after we completed our service to see how satisfied they were with our service and the way we handle our business. This follow up allows us to to constantly improve our export service and make Auto Export Service the leader when it comes to exporting cars from the United States. We hope this short description will give you a brief understanding of what we do and what we stand for and we hope you will allow us to service you in the near future when it comes to purchasing your vehicle in the United States and export it to you.

Our Mission:

Be the leading service provider to foreign buyers for purchasing an automobile in the United States and export it worldwide. The safety and satisfaction of our customers is our No. 1 priority.

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