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International Dealers

For International Dealer and Trading Companies outside the United States, we offer besides our regular packages also an advanced service that includes access to auto auctions nationwide.

We offer access to regular and salvage auctions. This gives international dealerships the possibility to buy in higher quantity to exceptional low prices. Once vehicles are purchased at either the auctions or other locations, we then organize trucking, customs clearance, shipping, and forward all documents via courier service to you.

We make it much easier for international dealers and trading companies outside the United States to focus on purchasing an automobile in the US without worrying about how to get it exported.

Let us be your reliable contact for purchasing automobiles in the United States and let us do all the work to have your vehicles trucked, customs cleared and exported without any problems.

For more information, please contact us today and an international dealers sales representative will be able to help and explain how we can help you best.


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