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Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance is a very important factor when it comes to shipping your automobile overseas. Many clients believe that their vehicle is already insured by the shipping lines but that is not the case. If you don’t insure your vehicle and a total loss would occur, the shipping lines will only reimburse you $500 for the total loss.

Auto Export Service makes all clients aware of this issue and offers all clients the option to insure their shipment by one of the leading insurance companies for international shipments.

We can offer you the following rates:

  • Departure Port to Destination Port Coverage: 1.25% of the vehicle value
  • Point of Purchase to Destination Port Coverage: 1.5% of the vehicle value
Frequently asked questions:
  • Do I need shipping insurance for my vehicle ?
No. It is optional but if you will have a full loss during the shipment, the shipping line will reimburse you only $500 for the full loss. Therefore we strongly recommend to insure your shipment. Auto Export Service will not be responsible for any damages during the shipment.


  • What means Departure Port to Destination Port Coverage ?

That means the coverage is starts once the vehicle is inside the port of destination here in the United States and the coverage ends once it arrives at the port of destination.


  • What means Point of Purchase to Destination Port Coverage ?

That means you insure the inland transportation inside the United States to the port of departure (US port) and the shipment until the port of destination.

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