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US Dealer Program

Auto Export Service offers to all dealerships in the United States a US Dealer Program that allows all car dealers to sell their inventory worldwide without worrying about what happens after the sale. We handle everything for your after the sale and let you concentrate on the sale only as you would when selling a vehicle to a local client.

THIS US DEALER PROGRAM IS FREE for all car dealerships and brokers.

By partnering up with Auto Export Service, all US dealerships can take advantage of the following:

  • Sell your inventory to clients worldwide
  • Have us handle the trucking from your dealership to the port
  • Have us handle all the documents necessary to export the vehicle for your client
  • Have us clear US customs for your client
  • Have us export and ship the vehicle for your client
  • Switch the liability over to us and your client once the vehicle is picked up from your dealership
  • Receive client referrals from us of international customers who are trying to buy a vehicle in the United States
  • Partner up and become a safe seller with us which leads to more sales leads in our network
  • Free consolidation at all times. Just call us and our team will help you with questions you might have.
  • Free consolidation for your clients. Have your client ask us questions about trucking and shipping quotes, handling of documents, export process, etc.
  • Guarantee of compliance with State and Federal laws. We make sure the export process complies with State and Federal laws.
  • Documents for your records. We always provide you with an export Bill of Lading to have proof the vehicle left the United States


US automobile dealerships often have inquiries from potential customers overseas for their cars listed online. Many times the US dealer and the potential buyer overseas can’t get the business finalized because the US dealer doesn’t know what is required to export an automobile overseas nor does he want to waste his time searching for what has to be done in order to export a vehicle. This can be very frustrating for both sides and many US dealerships are missing out on being a supplier for the strong worldwide demand of cars from the United States. Because of a weak dollar automobiles in the United States are much cheaper for foreign buyers than buying a car in their own country. This makes the US automobile market the #1 target for international buyers.

Our Auto Export Service allows dealerships to focus on selling cars without worrying about the export process.


Our Service includes:

  • Vehicle pick-up from your dealership
  • Vehicle delivery to the port or loading facility
  • Handling of all documents
  • Customs clearance
  • Loading of vehicle onto a vessel or into a container
  • Shipping
If you are an automobile dealership or broker in the United States interested in selling your cars worldwide and don’t want to worry about the export process, please contact us today and a US Dealer Support Representative will be able to help and explain how we can help you best.

Our US Dealer Program is FREE for all US dealerships or brokers.

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