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Auto Export Service, LLC is the center point when it comes to exporting an automobile from the United States to a worldwide destination. Our service ranges from helping international buyers to successfully purchase an automobile in the United States and ship it overseas to organizing a shipment for a US citizen or resident that is moving from the United States to an international destination.

For international buyers we are the bridge that can organize the entire process which includes the purchase of the vehicle, transportation to the port or our loading facility, handling of all documents, loading of the vehicle, US customs clearance and shipping out the vehicle to the port of destination.

Auto Export Service also offers great support to all US dealerships who are not familiar with selling cars to international buyers. We help the US dealer to sell the vehicle to the international buyer and once the purchase process is completed organize the entire logistics from picking up the vehicle from the dealership, handling all documents to successfully clear US customs and provide the dealer with a Dock Receipt or Bill of Lading which is needed to have proof that this vehicle is being exported.


When you purchase an automobile in the United States but live overseas and try to export it by yourself, you will run into many problems. Below we will list the most common problems customers will face if they try to purchase and export automobiles by themselves and the services we provide to you to feel comfortable to purchase an automobile in the United States.


What guarantees you if you find an automobile for sale online that the seller is not trying to scam you and steal your money?

Our Service

We check the seller and make sure the purchase is safe. If we don’t think the seller is trustworthy, we will help you to find another vehicle that is identical or similar to the one you found. We work together with a network of dealers nationwide that will make this a safe transaction.


When you buy a used automobile in the United States, most of the automobiles will be financed with a financial institution and there will be a lien on the automobile. For you to be able to export the automobile, you need to get the lien satisfied with the financial institution that is listed on the title as the lienholder. Once the lien is satisfied, you need to have the financial institution mail the original title to you or whoever represents you to get the automobile exported. You can’t export an automobile from the United States without presenting the original title to US Customs for customs clearance.

Our Service

We will make sure in coordination with the financial institution listed as the lienholder that the title will be mailed to us directly once the lien is satisfied and that the vehicle is clear of any other liens.


If you decide to buy your automobile by yourself and everything goes well. How do you get the automobile to the nearest port?

Our Service

We work together with a network of trucking companies that pick up our automobiles anywhere in the United States and deliver them to the port or one of our container shipping locations, which is closest and best for the shipment of your automobile.

Customs clearance

In order to ship your automobile out of the United States, you have to clear US Customs. In order to do that, you need an agent who presents your documents to US Customs. You need to get at least the following documents to the agent for him to clear US Customs: Original Title, Power of Attorney (which you have to notarize in most cases), copy of the invoice and depending on the port, you might need additional documents. Most customers don’t even know how to find an agent who can do that for them.

Our Service

We have a network of agents in every port of the United States who clear US Customs on our behalf daily. We will provide them with all documents necessary to get your automobile cleared through US customs.


When you contact a shipping company directly, they usually expect you to have all documents ready and to deliver the vehicle to their physical location. A shipping company with only one physical location limits you to get the best, fastest and most cost efficient service for your shipment.

Our Service

We work with a network of shipping companies that are located at the East Coast and West Coast of the United States. This gives us the opportunity to ship from any port in the United States and offer you the best, fastest and most cost efficient service to ship your automobile to your port of destination.


When international customers buy a car and have it shipped they get so excited that they sometimes forget a very important factor: Is my car insured during the shipping process? Most customers think that the shipping line automatically ensures the shipment, but that is incorrect. If during the shipping process a total loss would occur, the shipping line will only give you $500 for the total loss. YES, only $500. That’s it.

Our Service

Our Service team will contact you before your shipment leaves to offer insurance for you shipment. It is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you insure your vehicle during the shipping process. For more information go to our Insurance Information Page on the bottom of this website.

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